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“When I met Alberto, I found a deliberate and kind person who taught me to discern my negative emotions, consider them and decide what to do with them. I am practising what I learned, and I believe there is a before and an after in my life brought on by this meeting. His sessions gave me the gift of peace, understanding and relief. I am eternally grateful.” L.P.A.

“I met Alberto during a period of transition in my life, although at the time I wasn’t aware of it. Being a naturally sensitive person, I have always felt as though I were dependent on my environment, the other people around me and my circumstances. I decided then that I no longer wanted to be a victim and that, from that moment on, I would search for a better understanding of what it means to be a human being. For me, Alberto has been a reflection of everything about myself and of the humanity that comes from higher consciousness. He has helped me to release my subconscious and have a full understanding of my Ego, helping me to connect with my infinite Self. But above all he has taught me to be grateful, not through his words, but through the gratefulness with which he lives his life. I am thankful for his liberating presence. Thank you!” A.B.

When I came to Alberto, my emotional state was truly dismal. An accumulation of situations had brought me to the limit. Mourning the loss of family members who died in a traffic accident. Splitting up with my partner. Workplace harassment. Polyglobulia that causes anaemia and possible chemotherapy. Glaucoma that causes loss of vision. The perfect cocktail for ending up with unbearable depression. Alberto’s office became my space for pain and tears. Completely blocked, I thought I wouldn’t be able to bear it all nor overcome it. Alberto was my only hope. Sometimes, I would face my feelings, and it seemed impossible to continue.
Thanks to Alberto, his patience, therapy and professionalism, he and I managed to slowly carry my burdens better. It was difficult work but not impossible. Time puts everything in its place. I recovered my serenity, and professionals are helping me to solve my work time. Even with poor vision, there is still a lot for me to see!
Thank you, Alberto, my brother!” A.B.H.

Therapy with Alberto has helped me to lose my fear of things from the past that were getting in the way of my projects. For example, unhealthy jealousy. I have learned to love more, to have a wider perspective of my life, to stop being the victim of everything and to understand that things can be different to how I perceive them. I have learnt exercises for re-balancing my emotions to feel better with myself and with others at the same time. He also taught me to be more inclusive and to accept situations as they happen in order to face them with responsibility and gain a wider understanding.
Thank you, Alberto, for your light and for your companionship.” S.M.M.

I feel lucky to be able to get up every morning and smile at life.
I feel lucky that I found Alberto on my journey. He is a great friend and a great professional. He took me by the hand and helped me to develop myself on a personal and vital level. I found the light myself, but he guided me towards it. A.C.

In August 2016 I lost my best friend, my brother. It was a trivial death, a deadly cocktail of drugs. But then destiny led me to Alberto. It didn’t seem possible that I would be able to find a person like him in Barcelona during such a tragic moment in my life. I live in Italy, so it was even more magical to find person who spoke my language and who spoke directly to my heart during a time of deep sadness in an unknown city.
Two months after the death of my brother I decided to return to Barcelona to face my emotions and my fears. I requested assistance from Alberto, and he took me on with great enthusiasm. We worked together for an entire week (the programme is called Mourning and Stars), and I was reborn. Thanks to him, I have learnt to face to my fears, my stumbles, my tears. He has taught me to appreciate myself and to overcome feelings of blame and regret. He has transmitted a lot of positive energy to me, allowing me to begin again. Remembering my brother no longer makes me suffer.
Remembering my brother now makes a smile and encourages me to live for myself and for him. C.D.

I had just gone through a very difficult time in my life in which I felt that I wasn’t worth anything. As a result, I began questioning why I had even been born. I spent a year asking myself the same question over and over again. I spent my days in bed without eating, without doing anything, until one day I received a simple message from my best friend at the time, which made me collapse completely. I had never felt so much pain. It hurt so much that I literally felt nothing; I was empty. It couldn’t bear that feeling. I began scratching my knuckles against the bark of trees just to feel something. From there, I slowly began to emerge. When I started seeing Alberto, I had already managed to overcome a large part of the burden I felt. But I noticed that a small part of me still hadn’t made it through. The sessions came and went and I stopped thinking about how I wished that it had never happened to me; thanks to that horrible experience, I managed to change and be myself after many years. I started to realise that life is not as bad as everybody says it is. Life is wonderful, and we need to be grateful that we are alive. Now I see things differently. If bad things happen, you have to learn from them and let go of the things that cause you pain or anger, since they are only harmful to you and not to others. You’ll stop worrying about what others will say about you for doing something you want to do, and you’ll start doing everything you want to do yet never did for fear of what others might think. I.M.

““What is essential is invisible to the eye”, says Antoine de Saint Exupéry in The Little Prince. This phrase reminds of the work I am doing with Alberto. By regularly practising his meditation technique, the essential of oneself, our truth appears before us and gradually steps out of the shadows… He facilitates greater self-awareness, having positive impacts on our well-being and improving the relationship with our surroundings. M.G.

“I put myself in the hands of Alberto several times and for different reasons, which I won’t mention now. What I would like to say is that each time I came to see him, I have found in him someone who listens to me and accompanies me. Listening seems easy, but it is not easy to find people who know how to do it with no pretensions, without judging, while at the same time motivating you to empty yourself, to scratch beneath the surface, to see what is underneath. Nor is it easy to find someone who knows how to accompany you, side by side, without pushing or correcting, because the journey is only real if it is yours, if you live it. To take this journey, he has given me tools—many tools—tools for specific moments to give me strength when I did not have it, to give me safety when I needed it, to give me serenity when things began spinning out of control and, in most cases, tools that later have helped me in many more situations. Some have even become daily practices. Thank you very much, Alberto!” C.V.A.

“It has been an experience of life, of emotional wisdom, from which the desire to face new personal and professional challenges has returned. I went shopping with a wise shoemaker to purchase the best pair of shoes to choose and enjoy my own path. Thank you, Alberto” J.M.V.

“Alberto is a great professional who brings a touch of humanity and consciousnesses to every project he gets involved in. He has the skills to positively transform organisations and the lives of people, by creating, developing and leading value-based initiatives. His astonishing communication and empathy skills allow him to solve problems and to build a world where harmony, respect and love reign” A.D.

“I will never forget my first session with Alberto. I had a lucid vision full of meaning. It was about something linked acutely to my personality, and, at the same time, knots became undone. That was the beginning of the biggest change in my life, and from that moment I have always been able to trust him during the most difficult times. Alberto is a great ally and a great friend” A.G.

“Alberto was able to identify with effectiveness, analyse with precision and quickly find the right tools so that, after a period of uncertainty, I could start to take control of my life again” T.R.

“Alberto is the best confidant. He listens and understands—an unconditional partner while you discover yourself. He trusts in people and their ability to be reborn and reinvent themselves He sees strength in weakness and stimulates the capacity to persevere in the face of failure. His serenity and calmness are contagious during critical and even sometimes irreversible situations. He knows how to remove obstacles to reach major goals. Alongside him, you can take on things that seem impossible, because he knows how to get the best out of each individual. Alberto undoubtedly has a gift” N.R.

“I started my journey with Alberto some years ago, and it wasn’t easy to acknowledge parts of myself that I didn’t want to accept. Having a professional like him by my side, a person with such a big heart, has been fundamental to learning how to come to terms with myself and love myself.” C.M.

“With Alberto, I have experienced feelings that I recommend for achieving a balanced mental and physical state. My achievements: personal balance, creation of an environment of positive energy, greater understanding of my body for strengthening my organs, improved relationships with those around me. In short, he helps you to find happiness.” A.G.

“I felt lost. Anxiety gripped my chest to the point where I couldn’t breathe, bringing on hyperventilation and health problems. I didn’t feel me at ease in company and I couldn’t open up with others. I felt that my loved ones weren’t able to understand me. It was as if my body was protesting against me, and I was unable to listen to it or control it. I was feeling absent within myself, yet I couldn’t wait to find myself, to breathe again, to release all my tension; I couldn’t wait to have an understanding listener embrace and help me. This is when Alberto came into my life. I was very anxious, and this cased me stress. Alberto was very understanding. He taught me to face my fears, not to judge others or myself, to accept changes and to let go of guilt. I continue using and applying all his tools and to this day, which keeps me evolving on a daily basis. Today I feel deeply grateful and happy.” M.B.M.

“Alberto is very beautiful warm character and soul. He works in a light way and full of love. He adjusts his treatments to his clients accordingly and genuinely tries his best to help and support them. Alberto has helped me a lot and I am very grateful to have met hi,. Unlike many in this field, his main goal is to truly help the “clients” step into their own Potential and Power. Thank you very much for everything and so much love to you, Alberto!” M.K., Egypt

“Alberto knows how to listen and he brings out the feelings of people and interprets them perfectly even if the person dpes not know how to express them in words (a very difficult thing for me). He also believes in love as a fundamental element to be happy and live a meaningful life. He is a close person who empathizes deeply and makes the person who goes through a crisis, despite it, feel comfortable and find a new enthusiasm.” L.F.J., Uruguay

“Today marks the 4 year ‘anniversary’ of my sister’s passing. A sweet soul that was so kind, loving, caring, and beautiful. At the age of 33, she was was still child-like and innocent. Her tragic diagnosis of brain cancer shocked me to the core, as did the 15 months that followed, until she left her body behind on January 25th, 2015. My life and everything I knew  no longer had meaning and purpose. My heart and soul had lost its half. Alberto helped piece me back together and want to live…for her. Without his help, I would be drowning in a bottle of pills and sorrow.  I can’t thank him enough for the work he does. What a big loving heart one must have to help restore others.” D.D.


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