I make easier what is difficult.
Through an innovative emotional management I accompany people and companies in their processes of personal transformation, deep change and mourning.

Alberto Simoncini

Therapeutic Process

Happiness, personal growth and overcoming difficult moments which can cause great suffering all depend on being able to correctly manage your emotions. Serenity is achieved by overcoming anxiety, accepting and facing possible symptoms of depression, and freeing ourselves of traumas which have altered our perception of reality.

My involvement is unique and personalised to every person because it is based on active listening and emotional rescue, starting with recollection and painful memories. From the very first session, I take on an active role with the person who is undertaking therapy. This is because I am convinced that real change is only possible when it is accompanied and motivated by a true desire for transformation. As such, it is important that the person performs different exercises and tasks both in and out of the sessions, and in their daily lives. This helps them to assimilate new ways of feelings, thinking and living. This deep self-discovery work allows us to learn how to overcome depression, how to survive a break-up, and how to cope with the death of a loved one.

My approach is not medical or religious, but is instead based on accompaniment, emotional rescue, and observation of personal dynamics achieved through a deep reading of reality. Initially, I begin my involvement with weekly sessions lasting one hour. The duration of the therapy is determined by the therapy itself, depending on the development of the process (each individual has their own rhythm). The average duration is approximately three to six months, before a follow-up period begins.

Happiness is not something that can be learned from a book. It must be lived, felt and experienced, and there will be some tears along the way.

Serenity is the result of ongoing work which must become part of our daily lives. It starts when we give ourselves free reign to be happy and accepting of ourselves. Knowing how to read our own emotions and those of others enables us to differentiate between happiness and satisfaction, and that us gives the key for freedom.

Learning to correctly manage emotions is like learning a new language. It teaches us a lot about ourselves and lets us communicate better with those around us. It is a fundamental tool in those difficult moments which we must overcome and for our own personal growth. Sometimes we don’t know how to find that which we know we have deep within ourselves: something as challenging as overcoming depression, for example, can become easier, lighter and more understandable.

Managing emotions is the key to personal growth. It is important to learn to perceive crises as opportunities for profound change through which we can grow and improve.

Life is an adventure that is made up of both the good and the bad. During moments of suffering we can forget how to be happy if we are not able to listen and understand. Therefore, it is absolutely fundamental to learn to recognise and understand these moments of suffering in order to grow and learn to breathe. The key is to learn to view a crisis as an opportunity for growth and transformation. The beginning of the journey towards becoming a better version of yourself.

By being capable of truly looking inside ourselves, we can find the path to another level of consciousness. Every process of personal growth starts with a moment of crisis. Knowing how to manage emotions is the solution in order to achieve and maintain serenity both during and after this process.

Understanding our emotions guides us in surviving the grieving process and helps us to endure the natural process in which we adapt to a new reality.

Overcoming the death of a loved one is one of the hardest challenges that we will face through our lives. It can cause a pain of such magnitude that it can all but destroy the meaning that we give to our lives. If we do not recognise this distress, we may witness symptoms of depression and loss of the will to live, transforming our serenity into nothing more than a memory.

We include learning how to overcome the end of a relationship within grieving processes because the split may not have been amicable. The journey that we undertake to overcome grief can be turned into an opportunity to profoundly transform our way of seeing, perceiving and living our lives.

Managing emotions is the process through which we can make peace and face up to any unfinished business. It is possible to feel harmony and peace in this moment.

People in their final stage of life may need to resolve their unfinished business and make peace with any situations that may have been ongoing throughout their life. Fear, shame, exhaustion or loneliness can hinder this fundamental process for the person or for their family or loved ones.

In these circumstances, having professional, supportive and therapeutic care can help to achieve peace and stability, leaving us with the harmony and clarity to focus on what is really important.

Personal Clients

I collaborate with my patients so that they can learn to overcome difficult situations and to find serenity and contentedness on a personal level.

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Business Clients

I work within businesses to instil the importance of learning both to communicate and listen. These two values are fundamental for overall wellbeing and success.

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Who I am

“I work through close interaction and empathy. I am convinced that profound change is achieved through tears and laughter, the authentic expressions of a vital heart”

My name is Alberto Simoncini, and I was born on 30 June more than forty years ago in Verona (Italy).

Since I was very young, I have been highly responsive towards and deeply interested in the world of meditation, consciousness and other realms. At the age of ten, I began practising autogenic training techniques in order to enter into altered states of consciousness. Over time, I became interested in everything related to internal development, self-healing and resolving internal conflicts.

My journey towards devoting myself to managing emotions has been full of many types of professional and vital experiences and has been reinforced by what I have learned and what I have lived (and continue to live) during times of sickness, mourning and the final stage of life. The tools and information that I use in therapy come from this journey.

For me, Love is the main muscle that we have to train, because it is the only force able to transform the suffering that—naturally—is a product of our Life experiences.


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